Ways to Tomorrow's Energy

Armed with passion and strong desire to move forward and be independent in the coal business, it was realized in the establishment of a coal trading company on August 2019. With 12 years of experience in the coal business, Mr Deen Mohammed leads the company as a President Director.

Trusted and Leading Coal Company

PT. ARYAN ENERGY RESOURCES specializes in delivering coal in desired quantities & qualities from our dedicated long standing coal miners from Indonesia.

Global Company in Coal and Renewable Energy

Quality Assurance teams of PT. ARYAN ENERGY RESOURCES ensure that quality is proactively monitored and any contamination is prevented at source.

Maintain Quality & Source from Selected Mines

We have long term commitment to quality coal. We have agreements with several branded mines in Indonesia & access to over 10 million metric tonnes of coal annually.

Coal Quality Inspection video

"Welcome to PT. ARYAN website.

It gives me a great pleasure to welcome you, on behalf of the Board of Directors, Management and Staffs to know more about us. It is our determined policy to continue to adapt ourselves to the world of transformation and to "become a company with a confirmed position as a leading Coal mining and trading company in the globalized market".

Our company’s development path over the years reflects our core values: to offer innovative services to our clients and their customers alike, within a fast-changing and stimulating work environment. Being a closely-held private concern has enabled us to navigate these challenging waters with a high degree of flexibility. Never taking no for an answer and always focusing on our clients’ needs have served to make Pt. Aryan a trusted reference in the power and energy field.

Our main goal is to continue to provide high quality Coal for our buyers. We will achieve this and our other objectives by caring passionately for our buyers, business partners, contactors and our employees."
Deen Mohammed
President Director